Tracy Freeman, Office Manager/Biller

Phone: 860.691.0873

Fax:  860.691.0876


Office/Administration Hours

Monday, 8am-4pm,

Tuesday, 8am-4pm

Wednesday, 8am-4pm

Thursday, 8am-4pm

Friday, 8am-2pm

*Saturday, first of each month 8am-2pm, clinical only, non-administration

*Individual clinicians may have different hours than our administration-for any business related issues please address during our office hours

*Please feel free to schedule an initial appointment with one of our clinicians through our NEW client portal.  Click on the "Client Portal" option below, choose "medication management intake" or "therapy intake" to make your first appointment and we will individualize your treatment at the intake.  

*A valid state identification card and an active insurance card with matching names is required at intake.

*If you are an existing client, you can sign up for personalized access for scheduling/changing appointments with your clinician through Oceanside Recovery's NEW Client Portal (below) which is HIPPA compliant and secure.  To create a user account and have personalized access, please:  

1)provide us with your email address, and

2)we will send you a link to confirm your email address and to create a password

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